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step1.jpg (2146 bytes)Step 1. Email Processing Explained. Overview of the work you will be doing. Proceed to Step 2 after reading this section to Start your new Home Based Job.

Being an email processor is one of the best jobs you can do from home. You can do this business without spending any money if you don't want to and still make great income.

In this training manual you will learn 3 excellent ways to make money from home using email.

Overview of the methods we teach: Detailed information on each method is provided in each individual step in our program.

With the first method you will be visiting classified ad sites and responding to ads by email.

With the second method you will be placing different types of  ads and getting emails from your ads.

In the third method you will learn how to send out emails to large groups of people, which will result in lots of processed emails, and money in your account.

Each method works very well, we use these methods every day to generate money. Not only will you learn the methods of making money, we will also show you special techniques to automate your email processing business.

Now you will need to go through each step in the training manual. This section is just to give you an overview of some of the work you will be doing

In Step 2 you will learn how to associate with the companies that will be paying you to process emails.

step2.jpg (2185 bytes)Step 2. Catalogs of Companies that will pay you to process emails and how to associate with their products.


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